Depression Ballet

1st position-lie in bed
2nd position-lie in bed and pull covers up
3rd position-pull covers up over head
4th position-open eyes to darkness under covers
5th position-get hot and throw covers off
6th position-turn fan on
7th position-get cold and pull covers up
8th position-turn fan off
9th position-get back into bed
10th position-lie in bed and pull covers up




I was bragging to a friend today about how loving I am to my children and grandchildren.  Later, I realized I was not so attentive to my own needs.

I had not been feeling well for a couple of days, but hesitated calling my doctor(didn’t want to bother him,) the condition will resolve itself.

What a mistake.  I grew sicker each day, and began feeling like I was valuable enough to ask for help.  So, I contacted my physician, and was kind and receptive and called in a prescription to the pharmacy.  I began feeling better immediately.

I need to take my own wants and needs as seriously as I do those of family and friends.  “They” say we teach people how to treat us.  I was teaching those close to me that I could handle anything, and not to worry about me.  How self-effacing and sacrificial I prided my self on being.

But the result was that I received very little attention when I needed it, but was too afraid to ask.  Now, as I value myself more, I want to give myself the same love and caring I give to others.  Hopefully, I will feel better physically and emotionally.  Worth a try.