Laughing Alone

This morning I was sitting at a  small table  at Barnes & Noble reading The New Yorker Magazine.  OK, I must tell the truth.  I wasn’t actually reading any of the articles, just looking at the cartoons.  I feel like  the  guy who claims he buys Playboy Magazine just for the verbal contents.

I must mention that I understand maybe half of the cartoons.   But some of the clever ones that I can figure out make me laugh out loud.  There resides the problem.  With whom  can I share the humor of the drawing and what it says?

Strangers at the book store have gone weary of my intruding to point out a particularly funny drawing.   I feel like I am desperate for conversation, or connection when I go out alone.   Even my ancient flip phone stays silent.

Long ago people in public spoke to each other , laughed together and were happy to meet a new person.  I made contacts (not exactly friendship,) and enjoyed the experience.  But once  technology took over, texting replaced talking.   Watching movies on tablets  made people less likely to speak to a seatmate on an airplane..  None of us can compete with the magic of computers and their offspring of devices.  So,we read our paper books,and  feel old and  lonely.4873724