Lost in inner space

Lost in inner space.


Lost in inner space

I haven’t written for a long time, thanks to depression and lethargy.  My old blogs are still available at ivyintrovert.word press.com, and friedlocks.word press.com.  So maybe the third time is a charm. I will give it a try.

Lately, I am confused about so many things, and worst of all I find myself driving in familiar neighbors, but I lose track about where I am.  I asked for help from a nice man who, in addition to telling me how to get home, programmed my GPS.   I wanted him to drive me home.  But my anxiety rises when I am driving, and I space out and feel disoriented.  I am afraid I will get lost and never get home.

When I have an appointment, I always do a practice run so I will know where the place is.  I used to choose doctors who had impressive resumes and went to top-notch schools.  Now the qualifier is location, and I found this is as good a way to choose professionals as any other.