Keeping Busy?

Keeping Busy?.


Keeping Busy?

Well, actually, no, I rarely keep busy, and get overwhelmed when some people talk non-stop about their activities, and swoon about their summer vacations.

Being an introvert,  I rarely yearn to live an overly-active life,  but I find as I get older, I need and want more contacts than before.  I have no idea how to make a friend.  I used to fantasize about meeting the perfect(for me) man who would cherish me and we would have a happy life.  No go so far.

I went on a “date” last week.  We agreed to meet at a bookstore with a cafe.  I assumed he would be somewhat kind and courteous, but that was not to be.  He refused to pay for my coffee and Biscotti, and ordered nothing for himself.
What a downer.  I should have left then.  So, good-bye online dating, and back to my comfy condo and no more dates.