It Is Still Legal

I am a bit buzzed while writing today.  No, I didn’t ingest any illegal substances, but I did indulge in caffeine this morning.  When I went to the Starbucks at Barnes & Noble I was all set to order my usual decaffeinated Frapaccino(sp?)  when I decided to go for the real coffee in my iced drink instead.

I wasn’t tired due to the loss of an hour’s sleep, or feeling low.  I just wanted to “get high” on a still-legal option.  Mission accomplished.  When I returned home, I had plenty of energy-enough to do the laundry, clean my condo a little, and pay some bills.  Now, after 2 PM, I am still wired with not much to do this afternoon.

I sort of wish I had someplace to go or someone to meet to make use of my good mood. But, alas, I am home alone as usual, and not terribly unhappy.  I signed up to attend a writers’ conference in May, but my payment got all messed up and the registration didn’t go through.  But, still in my caffeine-induced cheery mood, I didn’t even get upset.

Coffee used to make me feel uncomfortably agitated and on edge, and for years I stuck to decaf java and soft drinks.  I was actually afraid of the real thing.  But these days, when I need a little boost or just want to feel happier than normal, I order regular coffee in the morning, and may opt for a Coke Zero mid-day.

I am really glad this sort-of-drug is still legal







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