I was a much nicer person before my recovery from depression.  I was a Miss Congeniality type, with kind words and greetings to friends and strangers.  I even enjoyed eating out.  But something happened to me, and I don’t know how to explain or understand my new persona.

I am in a bad mood most of the time-irritated by small annoyances and intolerant to just about everything except my family.  I feel angry for no reason.  I hope I can overcome my over-sensitivity to everything outside of my home.  I still like putting on sweats, reading in bed, eating what, where and when I want, and other perks of living alone.  I love talking to my daughter.

But, here are ten things I now dislike:

12-step meetings
Watching the Today show
Bleaching my hair lighter
Reading O magazine
Eating alone at Barnes & Noble
Self-help books
The treadmill
Roasted chicken
My unreliable printer/copier
Most of my CD’s



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