I should be heading for Texas this week to attend a writers’ conference.  When I read the description of the event on-line, I decided I needed a getaway and would enjoy the company of other scribes.  Dallas would be an easy flight and the host hotel sounded lovely.  So, I made the necessary arrangements.

I sent in my fee for the workshops, made my flight reservations on Southwest, and booked a room at The Sheraton.  I was looking forward to flying(which I love since I overcame my fear of it,) being in different surroundings, and maybe even talking to a few new acquaintances.

I marked the date-May 5-on my calendar and made a note to call the Airport Shuttle a few days before my scheduled departure.  I even told family and friends about my upcoming adventure.  I gathered my published writings together, and fantasized about the possibility of getting an agent or publisher interested in a book I would write.

But, I live a small, manageable life.  And one day I realized I didn’t want to sacrifice my predictable days for the sake of a weekend spent with strangers.  Who am I kidding?  I doubt I will ever write a book, and why would anyone want to read it anyway?  The shelves at Barnes & Noble are already crowded with literary and popular works of fiction and biographies and non-fiction books telling us how to improve our lives.  I sure don’t have the answer to that question, and what new could I offer the reader?

So, I set about undoing the plans I had made.  The conference offered me a partial refund, and I am grateful for getting any money back.  Southwest was not so forgiving, but that was partly my fault.  I had chosen the cheapest fare available, and neglected to read the no refund string attached to the deal.  I did get a credit for a future SW flight in the next year.  The hotel was easy to cancel.  So, I am safe again. Phew!

Why haven’t I learned by now that I like the idea of going on trips more than the actual experience?  I enjoy making airline reservations to far away destinations, and get a bit of a high from imagining the adventures I may have.

But, alas, I am a homebody at heart.  While I did travel a lot alone when I was younger, I am not so brave anymore.  So, I can look forward to the week ahead without dread and be glad I took another virtual vacation


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