I used to think I would like to marry a doctor.  I dated two men in high school who later became doctors-psychiatrists-it figures.  One later lost his medical license due to his practice of trading drugs for sex.  The other never responded to an email I sent when his mother died.  I have had relationships with two other physicians, but they were both married.  Yes, I am far from perfect.

But, now, all I have to do is go to Target and purchase my personal doctor-well, sort of. My feet have been aching for weeks-achilles- tendon and terrible heel pain.  I treat the aches mostly with ice and what my personal doctor recommends.  That would be Dr. Scholls.

Every orthotic on the market bearing his name now resides in my home.  I stuff them into shoes, boots and even my slippers.  They provide momentary relief.  I hesitate to see a new real M.D. as I am already getting treatment for back troubles.  My lower extremities are old and tired, and I am not sure how to proceed.

I did hear an advertisement on WBAL radio for a podiatrist in Towson who treats foot pain.  I looked her up online, and will probably schedule an appointment.  So it goes for growing older-spending too much time at doctors and dentists to stave off total degeneration.

As for the doctors I wanted to marry or hook up with.  I am glad I didn’t, and for now Dr. Scholls is all I need.


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